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sourced from local wisconsin farmers

Quality & Transparency

We’ve got nothing to hide, and everything to be proud of. Here at Partnered Process we strive for transparency.
Our products include a qrcode-icon QR code to show lab results of your oil, and the Wisconsin farm where the hemp was harvested.

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Partnered Proof CBD Vape Cartridge - 500mg Vape (per unit)

Processing & Wholesale

Partnered Process is a Wisconsin based fully licensed, certified processing and wholesale facility.

  • Are you a farmer with bulk hemp biomass that you need processed?
  • Are you Interested in selling your own CBD products?
  • Are you a store looking to sell our products?
  • Are you a farmer, processor or entrepreneur with questions?

We can help! Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for the opportunity to enter the expanding CBD industry or a farmer with questions about hemp growing, cultivation, or processing - Partnered Process is here to help you along your hemp journey. Our highly skilled team services multiple areas of the hemp industry.

Interested in bulk/wholesale or processing services?


HEMP 101 - educating customers

What is hemp? Hemp is a cannabis plant that is home to 113+ endocannabinoids, with high concentration of the well known cannabinoid Cannabindiol (CBD). The other well known cannabis plant is marijuana which is known for its high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, hemp is cannabis, marijuana is cannabis, is hemp marijuana? The answer is no! Let's break it down into simple terms. The thing that differentiates these cannabis plants is the amount of CBD and THC that is active in the plant. Industrial hemp is a Cannabis sativa L. plant which is rich in CBD and low in THC. To be exact, a cannabis plant must have <0.3% THC (trace amount) to be considered hemp. Therefore, it should not cause some of the ‘mind altering’ effects that can be experienced with high level THC cannabis, known as marijuana.

  • WHAT is CBD/Full spectrum CBD?
  • WHY use CBD?
  • WHERE does the hemp come from?
  • WHO to buy from?

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