Partnered Process
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Who’s Your Partner?

Partnered Process is a Wisconsin based botanical processor committed to creating exceptional extracts sourced from local farmers. We’ve created a product to help nourish the body by experiencing natures full potential.



Where does my oil come from?

Here at Partnered Process, we strive for transparency. Our merchandise includes a QR code to show:

  • The farm where the hemp was harvested

  • Lab results of your oil


Who We Are

The Partnered Process Mission:

We are committed to producing high-quality botanical’s by using clean and environmentally friendly methods. Our mission is to set standards in the natural health industry by partnering with local farmers to process and produce exceptional extracts.

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Partnered Services

Our team services multiple areas of the industry utilizing high CBD hemp.


  • Processing

  • White label/private label

  • Wholesale

  • Consulting


“God is this oil good. I want all your products in my store.”

-Doug (British Colombia)

“Valentine's gift from my wife. Give them a follow! Amazing hemp oil product - already noticing the benefits!”

-David (Instagram customer)

“I own a vintage store in lovely Rubicon, Wisconsin. This Saturday we had 3 customers come in just to let us know what a great product you have. 
Chris and Doug have type 2 diabetes. Both of their numbers have dropped by 10 points in the week they have been using your oil. Tammy, our neighbor, says hers chronic arthritis is much improved. Just wanted to thank you for a great product.”

-Selene (Rubicon, WI)

“I purchased Hemp Oil through Partnered Process as I assumed it would have similar outcomes as CBD oil for an elderly friend of mine, Dave. Dave was hesitant and worried about the idea of hemp oil. He started taking the hemp oil – a couple drops in the morning. His ailments included sore muscles to the point of losing the ability to move them, bad balance, stress, and bad appetite. His doctor suggested he get a shoulder replacement but Dave declined as he was worried about healing. Just a few weeks after taking your hemp oil, Dave drove over to my house; and showed me that he could steer the vehicle with his right arm – he hadn’t been able to move his right arm in years. Prior to the hemp oil, Dave had taken a few spills in his home requiring medical attention. He hasn’t taken a fall since starting the hemp oil. I just ordered my own bottle and know I'll have positive results as well”

-Sarah (Waukesha,WI)