Partnered Process

Who’s Your Partner?

Partnered Process is a Wisconsin based botanical processor committed to creating exceptional extracts sourced from local farmers. We’ve created a product to help nourish the body by experiencing natures full potential.



Where does my oil come from?

Partnered Process strives for transparency. Our merchandise includes a QR code to show:

  • The farm where the hemp was harvested

  • Lab results of your oil


Who We Are

Partnered Process produces high-quality botanical’s using clean and environmentally friendly methods. We work directly with farmers to deliver superior products to our customers and resale partners. This ensures everyone involved, from farmer to customer, the best product possible at maximum value.   

hemp oil.PNG


Our team services multiple areas of the industry utilizing high CBD hemp.

Services Include:

  • Toll/biomass processing (fee processing)

  • White label/private label

  • Wholesale

  • Consulting

  • Crop share program