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Hemp, Early America, and our Founders

JULY 05, 2021

Thomas Jefferson, known as the father of the U.S. Patent System, once invented a machine that he felt was so important to the United States agricultural system that he refused to patent it. This machine was a hemp “brake” that easily separated hemp fibers from its stalks.  Refusi...

JAN '20

What is hemp toll processing?

You have farmed your hemp plants to perfection over the past couple months and have biomass, now what to do wi...

JAN '20

Will I pass a drug test if i am using CBD/Full spectrum products?

Partnered process CBD products are sourced from Wisconsin-grown industrial hemp, and some may contain trace am...

JAN '20

Are there benefits to CBD oil in skin care? How does CBD affect skin cells?

The skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system, your skin acts as a barrier and its main responsibi...

JAN '20

How will I know if my CBD oil is organic? What's the difference? Why is organic better?

Not all hemp and CBD products are created equal. Did you know, some hemp is USDA certified organic- but most h...

JAN '20

How long does it take for CBD to work? How will I know it works?

We are all unique, which means there is not two persons alike. Our bodies all process, absorb, and respond to ...

JAN '20

How do you make CBD oil? Why is your processing machine better?

Our process started with selecting a strain with proper genetics, that provide a good flavor and a wide range...

JAN '20

Should I give my dog/cat CBD?

There are minimal studies out regarding the effects/benefits of CBD products in animals. It is believed that a...