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CBD Softgels from Wisconsin-Grown Hemp

At Partnered Process, we aim to have the truest and most helpful CBD Softgels there are to offer. Our products are all from locally sourced hemp oil. Our CBD and sweeteners in our Softgels contain no artificial ingredients. We use a third-party testing facility that ensures the CBD we use is safe to use and has been extracted accurately. Each of our products comes with a QR code detailing its lab results allowing for totally transparent quality assurance.

Why take CBD Softgels?

If you are looking for something to help balance your body, CBD Softgels are what you need. Softgels are capsules that have no taste and are easy to swallow, making them the easiest and fastest way to ingest CBD. This provides an option for those who prefer a mess-free alternative to oil, or for those who do not wish to taste the hemp oil. 

Why CBD Softgels are perfect for beginners?

If you are interested in CBD but are looking for the easiest way to start, we suggest our CBD Softgels. Our Softgels provide an accurate dosage of CBD through a soft capsule which is usually easier to take than a pill. If you have a sensitive stomach, Softgels are one of your better options as they are more gentle on the stomach than other forms of CBD. Softgels are easy to carry, so you can take them throughout your busy day when you feel you need some balance.