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Cherry Limeade Full Spectrum Tincture for extra energy
Partnered Reserve Energy Tincture
Full Spectrum Mint Flavored Tinctured to help with muscle relief
Partnered Reserve Relief Tincture
Orange Full Spectrum Tincture to help you focus
Partnered Reserve Focus Tincture
Coconut CBD Tincture for sleep aid
Partnered Reserve Sleep Tincture
Watermelon Full Spectrum Gummies to help you feel energized
Partnered Reserve Energy Gummies
Full Spectrum Vegan Rainbow Sherbert Gummies to help with muscle relief
Partnered Reserve Relief Gummies
Full Spectrum Vegan Gummies to help you focus (Mango flavor)
Partnered Reserve Focus Gummies
Full Spectrum Grape Gummies (for sleep)
Partnered Reserve Sleep Gummies
Partnered Reserve Water Soluble CBD Drops
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Partnered Reserve Water Soluble CBG Drops
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Partnered Reserve Water Soluble CBN Drops
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Partnered Reserve - Good Time Gummies - Juicy Orange
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- A nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep family farmers on the land.

Our CBD crude: What sets it apart? 

Most full-spectrum crude products on the market have a very strong and earthy taste. In typical extractions or drying processes, the majority of the light terpenes are evaporated, leaving only the heavy terpenes behind. Heavy terpenes typically have a strong, bitter flavor, while lighter terpenes tend to be more floral and fruity.

We use a proprietary process that removes the heavy terpenes from our extract, without destroying the vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and other beneficial plant materials. The result is a smoother-tasting product that retains all of its natural benefits. To complete the blend, we use 30 different types of hemp or cannabis terpene profiles. These ensure the consistency of the product from year to year, a smooth taste, and the exact benefits desired.

CBD isolate vs CBD crude: What’s the difference? 

The best way to describe the benefits of CBD Crude (full plant extraction) vs CBD isolate is to think of the vitamin C contained inside an orange. 

If you take a 100 mg vitamin C pill— all you get is the vitamin C. Your body will only be able to absorb about 20% of it, and the rest will be passed through your digestive system. 

When you consume an orange, you’re able to absorb 80% more vitamin C because of the other vitamins, nutrients and fibers contained within the orange. 

Our CBD has the same efficiency across different types of concentrates:

  • 1,000mg Crude (full plant extract)
  • 1,500 mg FS distillate
  • 2,000 mg BS distillate
  • 3,000mg Isolate

The cleanest products on the market

At Partnered Process, we strive to make the cleanest products possible. 

  • Our gummies use citric acid as a preservative base, instead of other bases that use sugar or high fructose corn syrup. 
  • Our tinctures use all-natural flavoring. 
  • Our topicals are built from individual ingredients instead of lotion bases to ensure consistency and quality. 

We avoid artificial ingredients as much as possible in our commitment to being a trusted, natural brand of CBD and Hemp products. 

Our facility takes the “ground up” approach

Our CEO and owner, Drew Faude, worked for 10 years designing sanitary equipment for the food and beverage industry. This knowledge has allowed Partnered Process to build, modify and retrofit lab equipment quickly with sanitation and quality in mind. This allows Partnered Process to set the cleanliness standard and adapt quickly in the ever-changing hemp industry.

The NPE advantage: Our secret ingredient in topicals 

The skin poses a unique challenge when it comes to absorbing CBD. Multiple layers of dense tissue make it difficult for topical products to absorb into the body. This is where natural penetration enhancers (NPEs) come into play.

NPEs help products overcome the initial barrier of the skin and allow for higher absorption rates. Partnered Process uses NPEs across our entire catalog of products. Some of the NPEs we use include:

  • Eucalyptus essential oils
  • Menthol
  • Capsaicin
  • & more!