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Agriculture Consulting

Agriculture Consulting Services

Hemp agriculture consulting in Wisconsin

Helping Wisconsin hemp farmers prosper

CBD and CBD-based products have stepped to the forefront of a variety of industries, making hemp a lucrative investment for farmers, and Partnered Process your go-to hemp development consultants. We help local farmers take advantage of emerging opportunities in the food-consumer industry, while developing sustainable agricultural practices that drive efficient farming & natural cultivating. 

Our lead consultant, farmer, and partner is co-owner of Turtle Creek Gardens, which holds USDA Certified Organic and MOSA organic certifications. We have been growing hemp at our local farm since Wisconsin started the pilot program in 2018, and have thirty+ years of experience in organic and biodynamic agriculture. We develop individualized programs for Wisconsin farmers interested in stepping into the hemp or CBD industries.

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Industrial hemp consulting program

We do it all here, from hemp farming and cultivating to processing the hemp and manufacturing it into our full spectrum products. Here at Partnered Process, we take great pride in the industrial hemp consulting side of our fully integrated business. In this fast-growing industry, it can be challenging and daunting to go all in and get into the hemp growing business. Let us help you become a successful hemp farmer. We will be there to provide expert guidance and answer some of the tough industry questions.

The Partnered Process promise:

As your new partner, our consulting program is here to help you to succeed in growing and cultivating exceptional hemp crops by assisting with:

  • Seedling material/clone selection
  • Agronomy and sowing (it all starts at the soil!)
  • Nutrients
  • Irrigation
  • Farming equipment recommendations
  • Harvest engineering/technology
  • Hemp drying, cleaning & storage

Our talented and experienced horticulture professionals are here to help you grow. Once we have tailored the right agricultural program for your farm, we continue to offer guidance and education to help grow your hemp in the most efficient and economical way. It is a passion and privilege to provide mentoring to farmers each year as the Wisconsin hemp industry expands.

Successful hemp cultivation

It all starts with the first step: picking the right partner. Partnered Process helps you identify the right seed or clone selections to successfully grow in your land’s soil—and help cultivate natural biomass. 

Our ongoing support team guides you through:

…all to ensure you’re short-term & long-term business needs are surpassed. Get in touch with the Wisconsin hemp advisors, who know your land best, to step into the CBD & Hemp industries with the great hemp from the source.

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Organic CBD farm in Wisconsin
New CBD Products

We Start From Scratch

Partnered Process produces high-quality botanical’s using clean and environmentally friendly methods. We work directly with farmers to deliver superior products to our customers and resale partners. This ensures everyone involved, from farmer to customer, the best product possible at maximum value.

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