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Toll Processing

Certified-Organic Hemp Processor in Wisconsin

Organic certified hemp processing facility

Partnered Process manufactures the purest hemp & CBD oils, or distillates from your biomass with our custom-designed processing machinery. Our USDA organic-certified facility helps you deliver an all-natural end product to an industry flooded with generic or misleading “oils.” We offer complete toll processing transparency and lab results so you’re involved in every step of the process—from cultivation to raw-ingredient or final product.

We have consulted with some of the top hemp processors to build our machines and to perfect our extraction technique. We invite you to tour our facility to see where the processing takes place and to learn more about our toll processing options or how partnering with us can help you. 

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What is hemp toll processing

You have farmed your hemp plants to perfection over the past couple months and have biomass, now what to do with it? If you are a hemp farmer with biomass, but no processing facility- toll processing might be right for you. Toll processing (also known as toll manufacturing), is defined as a company/facility with specialized equipment processing material for another company.

The steps to hemp toll processing are simple:

  1. The farmer brings recently harvested hemp, dried and shucked, to a processing facility
  2. Facility stores biomass safely and securely
  3. The facility processes biomass to crude oil to the customer's specifications
  4. The finished product is picked up by farmer or shipped out to farm/facility

Benefits of toll processing hemp

Hemp toll processing provides the convenience of outsourcing manufacturing work to a specific facility to get a finished crude oil for your products or sales. There are many phases of hemp processing which can be labor-intensive, require the proper equipment & facility, and cause extra expense for the farmer. Partnered Process is ready to help and to save your company an expansion, equipment, maintenance/engineering, permits and more while providing precision and care to your biomass.

Benefits of toll processing with Partnered Process:

Partnered Process’s Expertise: There are many phases of the hemp processing technique. Our lead engineer and processing professionals handle all processing phases with efficiency and quality control methods

Timing/Efficiency: CBD content of biomass degrades over time, degradation stops once the biomass is processed into crude oil. We promise a speedy turn-around time from biomass drop off to finish full spectrum extract to get your products to the market fast

Trusted facility: We pride ourselves on transparency. Come and tour our facility to meet the Partnered Process team and see the equipment used for processing & to feel confident in your processing team

Quality control: All biomass and crude oil is sent for 3rd party lab testing to show the potency and purity of your finished extract

Local: We're located in Waukesha WI, and are here to support our local farmers and entrepreneurs 

You grow and harvest the hemp, we store, process, and produce top-quality CBD crude oil. The finished crude oil is yours and you decide what to do with it. You can sell your extract or have it manufactured into CBD products (tinctures, candies, gummies, etc). Here at Partnered Process, you also have the option to have your CBD product packaged for distribution.

Partnered Process toll hemp processing facility certification and permits

  • Hemp processing license
  • Certified organic processor
  • Follow GMP principles (GMP certification coming 2020)

…to ensure your immediate and long-term business needs are met. Get in touch with our processing facility to schedule biomass collection and determine variants for your finished product.

Organic CBD farm in Wisconsin
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We Start From Scratch

Partnered Process produces high-quality botanical’s using clean and environmentally friendly methods. We work directly with farmers to deliver superior products to our customers and resale partners. This ensures everyone involved, from farmer to customer, the best product possible at maximum value.

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